Diaper cream that protects your baby from diaper rash - dual action diapAid™ helps: diapAid
  • Prevent diaper rash - forms a protective barrier on the skin that protects the skin from the wet and soiled diaper
  • Treat diaper rash - reduces erythema and infection
Caring Baby's Skin:

Baby's skin offers protection from external environment. Since it is delicate and soft, baby's skin usually responds quickly to irritants, toxins or infections. It is important to prevent skin damage from occurring. General recommendations include avoiding exposure to irritants such as harsh detergents and soaps, reducing friction in the diaper area and avoiding too much exposure to sun.

Some of the common baby's skin conditions are prickly heat, diaper rash and eczema. Diaper rash occurs due to wetness and irritants like urine and stool trapped by the diaper, in contact with baby's tender skin. The diaper area and baby's thighs will be red. It is uncomfortable and may cause painful breaks on the skin, if left untreated. Diaper rash is easy to treat and can usually be prevented with regular application of diapAid™.

  • Check your baby's diaper frequently and change whenever it appears wet or soiled
  • Immediately clean the skin gently but thoroughly
  • Allow diaper area to dry completely before putting a new diaper
  • Apply a thin layer of diapAid™ to form a protective barrier against wetness and irritants, especially at bedtime
  • Secure diapers slightly loose to leave room for air to circulate
  • Repeat at each diaper change
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