mycoCeazeTM is a topical anti-fungal/anti-inflammatory cream containing Terbinafine Hydrochloride that helps: mycoCeaze
  • Treat Various Fungal (Yeast & Mould) Infections

Fungi (singular: fungus), one of the five kingdoms of life, are plant-like organisms that lack chlorophyll. They include microorganisms such as yeasts and moulds. Many types of fungi (like edible mushrooms) are useful while some cause infections to plants, humans and animals.

Mycosis is any disease caused by fungi. Mycoses are classified into the following clinical groupings: Superficial mycoses - limited to the outermost layers of the skin and hair. No living tissue is invaded and essentially no pathological changes are elicited. These infections are often innocuous like Tinea versicolor and Seborrhoeic dermatitis including Dandruff caused by Malassezia furfur.
Cutaneous mycoses - extend deeper into the epidermis but restricted to the keratinized layers of the skin, hair and nails. No living tissue is invaded but unlike the superficial mycoses, host immune responses may be evoked, resulting in pathologic changes because of the presence of the infectious agent and its metabolic products. The organisms that cause these diseases are often dermatophytes and Candida albicans that cause diseases like ringworm and Candidiasis of skin, respectively.
Subcutaneous mycoses - involve the dermis, subcutaneous tissues and muscle. These infections are chronic and can difficult to treat. Dimorphic Systemic Mycoses - the primary site of infection is usually pulmonary but may spread to many organ systems. Organisms that cause systemic mycoses are inherently virulent.
Opportunistic Systemic Mycoses – occur in debilitated patients whose normal defense mechanisms are impaired. Organisms involved are cosmopolitan fungi which have a very low inherent virulence.

Terbinafine Hydrochloride is an allylamine anti-fungal. Terbinafine acts by interfering with the ability of fungi to make sterols that are an important part of the membrane that surrounds fungal cells and holds them together, which weakens the cell membrane.

mycoCeazeTM, available as prescription only medicine, is used for the treatment of fungal diseases of the skin, scalp, nails and hairy intertriginous areas. It also helps relieve itching and burning.

Always talk to your physician for advice about your health and any treatment regimen.

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